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Improving the livelihood of smallholder farmers

Field stories

Syngenta Foundation programmes impact people on the ground, in all areas from high-tech seeds to markets.

Sound advice sounds better in your own language
Reaching remote areas is a challenge for agricultural extension officers. Radio overcomes bad roads. But extension often asks farmers to change their habits. That's best done in a language of the heart - in which smallholders talk about their farms. We're helping vernacular radio in Kenya to build extension programming. Our partners describe progress in Samburu and West Pokot. And we explain why radio and language choice are so important for agricultural extension.  
Report and film showcase Bangladesh
Our team in Bangladesh has published its country report for 2015. The "Farmers' Hubs" there provide numerous services that help link smallholders to lucrative markets. A recent film explains the idea. 
Taking rice yields up and "app"
We're partnering with AfricaRice to develop and test an app called RiceAdvice. Following its recommendations can help smallholders raise yields markedly. Here are some background and a fuller report. Read more about our rice intensification work.
Studies point to winners for smallholders
Soybean could be an ideal crop for African smallholders. So far, few of them have benefited. Yields remain very low. The main reason is a lack of good tropical varieties. With partners, we're testing for better ones. The first trial report shows some promising candidates. Here's a background interview with a Kenyan expert.