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Improving the livelihood of smallholder farmers

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Syngenta Foundation programmes impact people on the ground, in all areas from high-tech seeds to markets.

Studies continue to map West African ag
We've been working with MSU since 2009 on West African agriculture. MSU authors continue to publish papers. Recent examples look at linking smallholders to marketsfood security and cereals demand and prices. MSU also runs a photo contest. The winning 2016 student picture by Ryan Vroegindewey comes from our joint SRAI2 work in Mali. Like to hear what else we do in West Africa? Just ask
Adding the action to ag adaptation
The UN's recent COP22 climate meeting included a session on "Adaptation of African Agriculture: Science to Action". We were directly involved, both through Board member Mohamed Ait Kadi and with a presentation by our weather insurance lead Olga Speckhardt. The session generated an outcome statement and a media release.
How good is big business for African farmers?
Views differ widely! In an online debate, the UK's Guardian newspaper asked experts for theirs. Among the participants in this live desktop Q&A was our Executive Director, Marco Ferroni. Debating alongside him were representatives of Diageo, the Small FoundationFarm Africa and the FAO. Here's what they wrote.
Software helps fill the G.A.P.
Our integrated mobile platform Farmforce makes it easier for companies to buy from smallholders. The recent GLOBALG.A.P. Summit underscored its leading position. Here's more.